Choosing The Right Builder

The repercussions of choosing the wrong builder are huge – putting at risk, time, money and sometimes even safety!  Therefore, this a cheat sheet you can use to select the most appropriate builder for you:

  • How long has their company been operating? Using an experienced and professional building company which has been around for at least five years is essential to ensure they can do a great job as well as not go broke half way through your construction or renovation.
  • Are they a real business or just a tradie who got their builders license? A real building business has processes and procedures governing how they quote, how they build and how they can guarantee on time delivery and within the specifications agreed.
  • Do they work to a project schedule and do they have a set process which updates you on the progress at mandated times throughout the build? Ask them to take you through their processes to ensure they are not ‘flying by the seat of their pants’.
  • Ask them for referrals from their current clients. That is, from people they are currently in the process of building for and ask to walk through the current jobs.  Seeing their worksite management in action and speaking to current clients is the best way to ascertain their abilities.
  • Are they successful? Can you establish whether they are successful builders, with their own property portfolios or other indicators of being good at what they do or are they barely managing to scrape a living?
  • Are they professional? Are they properly registered, insured to cover you (if something goes wrong) and Master Builders? If they are giving you tips on how to avoid getting permits or taking shortcuts, are they really the type of person you want around your family or entrusting thousands of dollars of work with?
  • Budget Management – how do they ensure each project keeps to the budget and if there’s a budget blow-out, will they accept responsibility and pay for it?
  • Quality Management – how will they ensure the quality of work for all their trades? What is their background and previous profession?